Low-Code Applications

12/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

The gap between off-the-shelf software capabilities and the needs of workers on the ground is growing.

Companies want customized solutions for unique processes, and when they don’t have the correct procedures, users take matters into their own hands, inventing ad-hoc methods to fill the gaps.

This will typically lead to tribal knowledge and siloed organizations, making onboarding, for example, difficult for new hires.

Fortunately, industry-leading low-code platforms like Mendix are readily available to SMBs of any size and offer the opportunity to address needs an off-the-shelf solution cannot.

Low-code development means app-building tools which can tackle or optimize complex and specific tasks—it’s as simple as dragging and dropping and takes less time than regular development.

In North America, nearly 60% of all custom apps are now built outside the IT department by professionals who have little or no IT coding experience

Whether it improves customer engagement or operational efficiencies, low-code platforms can offer enterprise-level apps for a fraction of the price for SMBs.