Workflow Tools

12/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

With the advanced technology of solutions like Enterprise Content Management, digitized data can now be efficiently processed and stored.

From here, it’s a relatively simple step to get that data downstream to the right people at the right time, regardless of department.

Workflow tools, specifically cloud-based systems, are excellent at proving platforms for organizing work processes and projects within teams.

The functionality of these tools extends to management best practices, such as approval routing, data validation, and ensuring the integrity of data before it goes into your ERP system.

Use case

We had a client, WaterTech, come to us with concerns about their document management. They relied heavily on paper-based processes and felt that their system was significantly slowing down their operations, particularly with regards to the sales order process.

To address this issue, we audited their systems and built a strategy for digitizing their document workflow, implementing it ahead of schedule.

With the new system, we were able to streamline their workflows by significantly digitizing their paper processes, centralizing document data for easy access and reducing the reliance on manual tasks while improving workflows.

Because of the system we implemented, they were able to cut costs on paper and storage materials by $500 a month, improve their productivity, and have a cloud infrastructure that can be scaled in the future if necessary.

This is one of those perfect advanced technology examples that helps a business make a difference in their day-to-day processes while saving money at the same time.

“We can press a button and get information on our customers and clients that speed up our processes much faster. It’s a press of a button instead of 10,000 pieces of paper.” – Jackie Clark-Edwards, Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps CEO